ALICANTE HILLS reserves the right to admit small pets and up to 10 kgs, based on the criteria of the Management and its internal policies.

The priority is the comfort and tranquillity of all.

•    The Resort reserves the right to assign a certain type of rooms specifically for people traveling with pets.

•    Only dogs and cats are allowed; birds, reptiles and other animals are not allowed. Dangerous breeds are not allowed. 

•    A cleaning fee of 10€/night will be charged for the cleaning of the apartment.

•    The owner of the animal will have the obligation to keep it in proper hygienic and sanitary conditions.

•    The owner is responsible for any damage caused by the pet to third parties or furniture. The amount of the damages caused during the stay will be charged in the final invoice of the stay.

•    Alicante Hills reserves the right not to admit pets that cause a nuisance to other guests or behave inappropriately during the stay.

•    At all times the client is responsible for his pet and its behaviour.

•    It is forbidden for pets to climb or sleep on the furniture of the apartment.

•    In case they want to enjoy the restaurant-cafeteria service inside the complex, they must do it on the terrace.

•    It is essential that vaccinations and deworming are up to date. The pet's passport or passport may be required to prove it.

•    WITHOUT EXCEPTION they must wear their leash properly tied to the neck in any area of the hotel property.

•    The owner MUST pick up the pet's droppings anywhere on the premises, including the gardens.

•    The space and tranquillity of other guests must be respected.

•    When the animal is not in the apartment, please inform the reception staff so that it can be cleaned up.

•    The pet cannot be bathed in the bathrooms or showers of the apartments and towels cannot be used to dry it.

•    The client must leave a contact telephone number where you can be reached in case something happens with your pet.

We appreciate your compliance with these rules and hope you have a pleasant stay at Alicante Hills.


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